Teaching experience


(St. Augustine Seminary/Toronto School of Theology)

Mystery of the TrinityWinter 2023
Introduction to MetaphysicsWinter 2023
Latin IIWinter 2023
Latin IFall 2022
Mystery of the TrinityWinter 2022
Introduction to MetaphysicsWinter 2022
Latin IIWinter 2022
Latin IFall 2021
Introduction to MetaphysicsSummer 2020
Introduction to Thomas AquinasWinter 2018

(Toronto Metropolitan University)

Philosophy of ReligionFall 2022
Ideas that Shape the World: Middle AgesFall 2020

(University of Toronto)

Introduction to Philosophy: Persons and ValueSummer 2020

Teaching assistant
(University of Toronto)

Practical Reason and Human ActionFall 2020
Philosophy at the MoviesSummer 2020
Introduction to EthicsFall 2019
BioethicsWinter 2018
Reason and Truth: Introduction to PhilosophyFall 2017
Law and MoralityFall 2016
BioethicsWinter 2016
Biomedical ethicsFall 2015
Biomedical ethicsWinter 2015
Early Medieval PhilosophyFall 2014
Late Medieval PhilosophyWinter 2014

Teaching Dossier available upon request