Teaching experience


SAT2706H: Introduction to MetaphysicsScheduled Winter 2020
SAT1711H: Introduction to Thomas Aquinas Syllabus.Summer 2018

Teaching assistant
(University of Toronto)

PHL275F: Introduction to EthicsFall 2019
PHL 281: BioethicsWinter 2018
PHLA10H3: Reason and Truth: Introduction to PhilosophyFall 2017
PHL271H1: Law and MoralityFall 2016
PHL281H: BioethicsWinter 2016
PHLB09H3: Biomedical ethicsFall 2015
PHLB09H3: Biomedical ethicsWinter 2015
PHL205: Early Medieval PhilosophyFall 2014
PHL206: Late Medieval PhilosophyWinter 2014

Teaching Dossier available upon request